Important steps needed to take care for hail damage on roof 

Important steps needed to take care for hail damage on roof 


A roof can easily get damage at the time of storm, when such a severe weather happens it can make a minor to heavy loss. Due to this impact which may cause damages like holes, split tiles, dents or coarse loss and pockmark paint on the roof. The best and easiest way to avoid instead of money on repairs, if the roof got damaged in storm then the house owner should have insurance to handle the essential repairs and additional expense can be avoided. If the building is insured, then it will be easy to claim and insurance company will send an estimator to assess the extent of the damage on the roof. Housetop will be inspected by a trained and experienced estimator to make sure all the loss is properly noted and if the inspector only finds minimal damage only then also it should be filed with the insurance company. 


Indications of major hail damage on the roof 


  • Dents and pits – This is the major evidence from the storm destruction may vary from the other buildings based on the structure type and angle. If hail storm hits the flat roof top it may have deeper damage compared to the pitched ones. The appearance of damage will be great on the metal roofing than the asphalt shingles or on slate shingles. 
  • Paint disturbance – On some housetop materials will be painted with different color for beautification purpose. If hail hits the material it may cause some flaking of the paint where it can lead to pockmarks on the roof. These marks are not attractive and it causes the negative impression of the entire roof appearance even the damage is not that much severe. 
  • Granular loos – The most common material used on the roof top is asphalt. Once the hail storm hits this type of material, it will cause and develop some granular loss. After this damage the head of the nail will be seen and there will start the leakage of the roof. There is difference between normal granular and severe weather which has destruction in the shape. Normal granular loos will wear and tear which has uniform granular loos during hail impact is circular or more localized. 
  • Damage wood and tile – The size of the hail may range from small like pea size to grape size. Due to this the power of hail which strikes the surface can cause Spartan damage for the roof and materials. If this frozen water which is a hail falls on the rooftop it may fracture, or chip or scratch and split the wood or tile shingles. 


Therefore, after knowing the indications of the hail damage determining the plan of action need to be addressed for the roofing system which needs repairs or replacement. If these indications are observed in the initial assessment, then owner need to check their insurance policy to ensure that weather it can carry the property damage insurance is applicable for roof damage or not. Once this is done then roof contractor or estimator will be sent to inspect the damage and prepare the estimate to roof which was damaged in hail storm. 

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